Second Star to the Right

  Fighting Back For Children Battling Cancer 

Your child has been diagnosed with the unspeakable. Cancer. Devastation rips you apart as you try to navigate your way around hospitals, treatment protocols, side effects, statistics, confusion and fear.  You often travel over two hours away for treatment and may come home to a feeling of isolation.  You worry incessantly, not only about your child’s well being, but about their siblings’ too.  Medical bills, travel expenses, and stacks of paperwork are building up.  You are doing everything you can to remain the pillar of strength for your child and your family.  A form of pediatric cancer has turned your world upside down and you now fight alongside your child to reach remission and a cure. 

Second Star to the Right would like to let you know that YOU are NOT alone!  We are here for you and your family. We are a 100% local, volunteer-run organization that offers physical, emotional and financial support to over 100 families in Kern County and growing. We are currently reaching out to families in the Bakersfield, California region, with a personal commitment to helping families battling childhood cancer. We too have been touched by childhood cancer and are here to help. Come be apart of our Second Star to the Right family. Your family is our family and your children are our children.  

We look forward to speaking to you soon!

~ Your Second Star to the Right family